Container Ramps

We sell both folding style container ramp in 6.5 tonne capacity as well as the fixed container ramps in 8 and 10 tonne capacities. We also have a container ramp option for reefer (refrigerated) containers.

6.5 Tonne Forklift Container Ramp

Part No: NS-CR6500
Our Forklift Container Ramp is an innovatived and economic solution that improves the efficiency and safety of loading/unloading goods from a container. NS-CR6500 is our best selling forklift container ramp. 6.5T SWL and folding design for easy storage. In stock Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide.
$1,460.00 excl tax $1,365.00 excl tax

Fixed 6500kg Container Ramp

Part No: NS-FCR-6500
160cm x 200cm x 17cm, Treadplate Deck, Safety chains included, Compliance Plate, 12 Month Warranty
$1,055.00 excl tax

Fixed 8000kg Container Ramp Heavy Duty

Part No: NS-FCR-HD-8000
180cm x 230cm x 25cm, Side Rails, Treadplate Deck, Safety chains included, Compliance Plate
$2,530.00 excl tax

Forklift Container Ramp for Reefer Containers 6000kg

Part No: NS-CR-R6000
NS-CR-R6000 is designed specifically for loading and unloading reefer refrigerated shipping containers.
$2,199.00 excl tax $1,880.00 excl tax

Shipping Container Skates / Container Trolley

Part No: NS-CS
Container skates and container trolley is a great way to move loaded or empty shipping containers around on flat hard surface to 32 tonne
$2,499.00 excl tax $2,750.00 excl tax

Container Ramp 7 Tonne

Part No: NS-CR7
NS-CR7 container ramp is our ramp for people on a budget - our no frills ramp! 7 tonne capacity with Stock available NOW!
$995.00 excl tax $749.00 excl tax

Container Ramp 8 Tonne Budget

Part No: NS-CR8B
Container Ramp 8 Tonne Budget SWL 8000kg Australian Made Compliance Plate with SWL and Serial Number Certified Design Heavy duty construction
$1,425.00 excl tax