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2500kg Fixed Jib Short Jib Attachment

Part No: EW-FJCS25
The type EW-FJCS25 Fixed Jib (Short) is designed as an affordable general purpose jib with 2500kg capacity and able to manoeuvre in confined spaces, with a 1.96 metre reach when fully extended.
$1,410.00 excl tax

4500kg Fixed Jib Short Zinc - Brisbane

Part No: EW-FJCS45B
EW-FJCS45B Forklift jib attachment allows you to lift loads that are not suitable for pallets or have unconventional dimensions. In Stock Brisbane
$1,105.00 excl tax

Budget Fixed Forklift Jib 2500Kg Zinc

Part No: EW-FFJ25A
2 x lifting positions, Slim line - allows for best possible visibility, Lifting hook included, Painted finish is standard, Secured to the forklift by two locking pins
$515.00 excl tax

Budget Forklift Jib Attachment 2000Kg SWL

Part No: EW-FJS2
NS-FJS2 Budget forklift jib attachment is a general purpose forklift jib attachment with 1.6 metre reach and 2000kg SWL at a budget price.
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Forklift Jib Attachment Telescopic 2500kg

Part No: EW-SJ2500
EW-SJ2500 Telescopic forklift jib attachment 2500kg with stock in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne and Adelaide.
$1,370.00 excl tax

Forklift Tow Jib Attachment

Part No: EW-FJ-TOW
The EW-FJ-TOW Forklift Tow Jib Attachment is a dual purpose, lightweight and simple to use forklift attachment which allows towing with the attached 50mm towball, and doubles as a 2000kg WLL lifting jib complete with 2T safety swivel hook. Includes two lifting hook positions and utilises two fork locking pins to secure the jib to the forks during operation.
$640.00 excl tax

Telescopic Forklift Jib Attachment 10 Tonne Long

Part No: EW-RJL10
The type EW-RJL10 Fixed Jib (Long) is designed as an affordable general purpose forklift Jib attachment with a 3.56 metre reach when fully extended. This Jib has been designed with wide pockets suitable for Forklifts with special hydraulic Tine Positioners.
$4,010.00 excl tax