Pallet Cage / Stillage

Stillage Cage

Part No: EW-STC-C2
Zinc stillage cage is designed to suit all warehousing, transport and storage sector. Can be quickly collapsed for space saving and transport efficiency. These durable, economical cages can be transported by either Forklift or Pallet Jack and can be stacked up to 4 high when empty and 2 high when loaded.
$495.00 excl tax

Stillage Cage 1000kg 2 Drop Down Gates 118x114x109cm

Part No: NS-SC-QB
This collapsible cage makes storage easy with strong steel mesh and it is stackable. The gates provide access even when stacked.
$445.00 excl tax

Stillage Cage Pallet Cage 1000kg Swing Door

Part No: NS-SC1000B
Stackable 1000kg Stillage with swing door in stock painted blue
$275.00 excl tax

Pallet Cage Stock Brisbane and Perth

Part No: EW-PC06-C
Pallet Cages are designed for safe storage and transport of loose or packaged goods in the warehouse and transport industry. The side panels are mounted to an Australian standard (CHEP Style) pallet 1165mm X 1165mm. The pallet cage can easily be transported by either forklift or pallet jack and can be stacked up to 4 units high when empty and 2 units high when loaded.
$410.00 excl tax

Pallet Cage Wire Mesh Bulk Purchase

Part No: NS-MESH
Budget price wire mesh pallet cage. Folds down flat, stackable and has fold down half gate
$385.00 excl tax $199.00 excl tax